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On March 29th we had an exciting happening here!!!!

Sedona and Sparky, two lovely Miniature American Shepherds, leased to us from Laurel Mathews in Arizona, presented us with a beautiful litter. Sparky was not much help in the whelping area but he sure contributed his handsome looks to the puppies. Sedona, the dam, is a lovely red tri of 16.25" and Sparky is a very small blue boy measuring 14.75", so we are sure these puppies will mature on the smaller side. Both Sedona and Sparky are sweet and affectionate dogs and have made the transition to their new home here with us with easy acceptance.

The litter contains three colors and lots of splash:
one red tri boy, one red tri girl, two black tri girls, one blue merle boy, and four blue merle girls. All of these puppies are red factored. Come back often to watch them grow and develop as we post occasional new photos. Our name theme this time is South Dakota State Parks and Recreation Areas, some really beautiful places. Call or email us if you would like more information on any specific puppy.


This is one of only two boys in our litter of nine.
BEAR BUTTE is a loud colored merle boy and he is available.
SHEPS CANYON is our second boy, a handsome little guy with deep red color and nice copper.
SHEPS CANYON is available.
Here is our nice long list of girl puppies. What a bunch of beauty contest winners!!!
This is LLEWELLYN, a splashy colored blue merle girl. LLEWELLYN is available.
LOUISE is a lovely little black tri girl, true black and wonderfully bright copper. LOUISE is available.
ANGOSTURA is special. Because her ears are white she is in the category of a miss marked puppy. So she got to keep her tail, lucky girl!
ANGOSTURA is available as a family companion to spay.
Oh, my goodness. Red is the word here. Or is it VERMILLION? Here is a gorgeous red tri girl. VERMILLION is available.
SISSETON, bluer than blue and such a pretty girl.
SISSETON is available.
Our second black tri girl is petite and feminine. POINSETT is presently our smallest puppy.
POINSETT is available.
Meet MINA, a blue merle girl to win your heart, or ours!
MINA is reserved at the moment.

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