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CHANDREA'S RED, WHITE, AND BLUEGRASS, nicknamed HONOR, along with TURBO'S help, has produced a colorful and fun litter on October 26th. We have all four colors, 5 girls and 2 boys. HONOR is a gorgeous dark mahogany red merle girl with correct structure, and a warm, biddable, and loyal temperament. She is 16.75" tall. TURBO is our little sire at only 15.5", a joyful bundle of energy who is everyone's friend and endears himself to all he meets. These puppies will be fun, smart, easily trained and are sure to turn heads. Our theme for these puppies are names which remind us of all things honorable.


Honor Honor


Turbo Turbo


We think you can understand why we named this lush looking blue merle girl FIREWORKS! Dramatic and glamorous, FIREWORKS is reserved pending the structure testing at 8 weeks.


Meet SPANGLE, an impressive and unusually marked red merleboy. SPANGLE has minimum merling, a big, broad, blazed face and a full collar. Wow! SPANGLE has the looks to be a flashy show boy. SPANGLE may be available.


FLAG seems like a perfect name for a puppy who got to keep her tail. We know when she is up and waddling around it will be waving continuously. FLAG is an elegant looking black tri girl with the perfect amount of white trim. FLAG is sold.


TRUST is so dark that she sure looks black. She is, however, that dark and rich mahogany that she has gotten from her dark red dam. TRUST is simply stunning with a classic head type and dazzling dark color. TRUST is available.


PATRIOT is a handsome black tri boy with a beautifully shaped head and sturdy body. He is proving to be expressive and very people oriented, a fine example of the breed. PATRIOT is available.


BANNER is a flashy and loud colored blue merle girl with blue eyes who got to keep her tail due to having a bit too much white. This extra white puts BANNER in the category of a pet/companion girl to spay. She is very drawn to people and is friendly, with her tail wagging a mile a minute! BANNER is available.


FREEDOM is a little jewel of a red tri girl. She is much smaller than her siblings, feminine, and a little classic in miniature. She will be stunning when mature. FREEDOM is available.

Striking and stunningly pretty describe this litter, our last of the year, born on November 4th, 2016. Our dam this time is the lovely Snake Rivers Turn The Quiet Up and known to all as CHATTER. CHATTER is a charming black bi girl with an absolutely superior disposition - the favorite here of all who meet her. Gratitude goes to Michaela Starks who agreed to allow CHATTER to be her dog's guest for a visit. Mockingbirds Rusty Nail, known as CHASE achieved his AKC CHAMPIONSHIP at the Miniature American Shepherd National Specialty this year at Purina Farms. So the combination of CHASE and CHATTER has produced 5 puppies, ALL beautiful. Since the litter has four black boys, we could not resist naming them after the FAB FOUR PLUS ONE. So we have JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE, RINGO AND JANIS. Take a look below and email us for more information.


Chase Chase


Chatter Chatter


JOHN is the first of our FAB FOUR offerings. He is a handsome black bi male with a broad and gorgeous head, flashy white trim, and totally appealing looks. JOHN could win in the show ring, sire wonderful offspring, and/or be a great family friend. JOHN is available.


And here is PAUL, right now our smallest of the FAB FOUR. PAUL is a black tri with both white and copper trim. PAUL has the looks toplease and is available.


It is hard to imagine a more wonderfully marked black tri male than GEORGE, our third member of the FAB FOUR. GEORGE has that white muzzle, wide blaze, and a full collar. GEORGE is a jewel of a boy so if you need a fancy sire or a ranch manager, give us a call as GEORGE is available.


Okay, you knew he was coming. Here is RINGO, and a STARR he sure could be. Stunning symmetrical face markings and a 3/4 collar on this black bi boy. RINGO is an impressive looking puppy and we can only imagine how dazzling he will be as an adult. RINGO is available.


JANIS rounds out our litter of four boys and this fancy, feminine and fetching girl. JANIS has picture perfect red merle markings and lots of pizzazz. She will surely, along with her brothers, rock and roll!!!!!! JANIS is reserved pending our structure evaluations.

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