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August 22, 2016 brought us a beautiful litter of five puppies from CHAMPION CHANDREA'S BLUEGRASS JAMBOREE OF HEARTLAND and AKC CHAMPION COLOR COUNTRY'S RHINESTONE COWBOY OF LINDERLAND (Stoney). These two parents have excellent conformation and have been awarded countless accolades from many judges. Their temperaments are superior and we expect no less from these puppies. Since they were born during the 2016 Olympics we have used gold medal winners for their names. We think they are worthy of being winners in many ways.


Jamboree Jamboree


Stoney Stoney


We are calling this exquisite red tri girl ALLISON for Allison Felix, gold medal track star for the USA. ALLISON is feminine and fetching and could be your best and cutest friend. ALLISON is available.


Say "hello" to BOLT, named after Usain Bolt of Jamaica. He is a stunning and flashy red tri male with dazzling white markings. BOLT is available.


Named for Michael Phelps, our PHELPS is a regal looking red merle male. Wonderful head, great white markings including a full collar, a real winner for sure. PHELPS is available.


If you watched Simone Biles perform in Rio, you know she was an unbelievable star. Here is our SIMONE, who we think could also be a star. It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful blue merle girl. She is an impressive example of a blue merle with her beautiful face and white and copper trim. We are intending to keep either SIMONE or ALI so if you might like to co-own one of these striking girls, please be in touch.


It was love at first site here because ALI (Alexandra Raisman) is looking so much like her beautiful mother Jamboree. This puppy is darling with her lovely face and delightful red tri markings with bright copper. ALI may stay with us or she may become available. This decision will be made when we perform the structure test on the litter and have finished with both the temperament and structure evaluations.

September 5, 2016 brought joy to us with Joy's and Turbo's litter of four beauties. We have three boys and one little girl, nice colors and nice markings. Since these puppies will be exactly 8 weeks old on Halloween, we are naming them Trick, Treat, Spirit and Pumpkin. Great color, fine examples of the breed, and if you are seeking a performance prospect these little ones will have great drive and attitudes. MAYES MERCY ME TURBO JETT is our little 15.5" mighty boy and BLUEGRASS OH-BE-JOYFUL is a rare breed Champion with an additional 10 points in AKC before we retired her to raise some little ones.


Joy Joy


Turbo Turbo


Here is a splendid blue merle boy named TRICK in a small package. He has the looks to show, sire winners, or manage your household with class. TRICK is available.


TREAT is as handsome as TRICK, another stunning blue merle boy with lots of splash and black to set off his blue and white. He is sure to be a loud colored combination of beauty and brains. TREAT is available.


Meet our fancy and feminine little red tri named PUMPKIN. Her red is a lovely color and her brilliant white trim adds to her appeal. She is an elegant jewel. PUMPKIN is available.


SPIRIT is a shiny jet black tri boy. That dramatic diamond on his face will set off his nice broad head. SPIRIT could be your best and most handsome friend, a fetching example at shows, or your striking travel companion. SPIRIT is reserved.

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