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Our little home-bred Bluegrass Bandit's Fancy Frolic and Mayes Mercy Me Turbo Jett have produced three lovely red tri puppies. These puppies will mature quite small as Frolic is only 14.5" and Turbo is 15.5". The personalities of both Frolic and Turbo are friendly, outgoing, and both have rock solid dispositions. We will expect nothing less from these little ones. Born on the day of the lunar eclipse, our good friend suggested these fun names. Eclipse for the only boy and Luna and Baby Moon for the two girls. Here they are at the age of five weeks. Contact Lynn for more information, please.

Bluegrass Bandit's Fancy Frolic
Mercy Me Mayes Turbo Jett
LUNA is a darling and outgoing little red tri girl. Her personality is enthusiastic and confident. LUNA is available.

ECLIPSE is our little red tri boy. Since his sire and dam are 15.5" and 14.5" respectively, we are sure he and his sisters will be quite small. ECLIPSE is handsome in his small package and could be your show puppy or a fine sire, or both. ECLIPSE is available.

This little red tri girl BABY MOON runs as fast as she can to us when she hears our voices. Her attitude is jubilant and happy and she is feminine and appealing. BABY MOON is available.

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